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Buying Bitcoin

The 4 key steps to buying Bitcoin or any Cryptocurrency.

Step 1.

Select the exchange that sells the cryptocurrency you wish to purchase.

Step 2.

Deposit funds with a credit card or bank transfer to the selected exchange.

Step 3.

Buy, trade or sell from the chosen exchange.

Step 4.

If you wish to store bitcoin ( BTC ) or any cryptocurrency, you can use a Hardware Wallet or Hot Wallet. ( How to get a bitcoin a bitcoin wallet here. )

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Is the largest most popular way to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash in the world. Coinbase will give you $10 of Free Bitcoin when you sing up and buy or sell bitcoin (BTC), with a value of $100 or more.

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A financial service that makes it fast and  safe to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum from anywhere in the world. Currently you can only buy Bitcoin and Ethereum on Coinmama, they are working on adding additional cryptocurrencies. They offer competitive prices for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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Binance Exchange is one of the worlds top cryptocurrency exchanges for people who already own Bitcoin or Ethereum, and wish to exchange them into other coins. This is how to make more bitcoin with alt coins, purchasing alt coins on binance exchange made simple.



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